Cloudways Reviews 2024

Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways provides high-performance servers from DigitalOcean and Linode. In addition, their service offers security features like two-factor authentication (2FA) and unlimited SSL certificates.

This platform is intuitive, with plenty of features designed to assist users in getting started quickly. Plus, there is a three-day free trial available! Scalability is made easier thanks to tools for migration and site testing that don't cause traffic disruptions.


Cloudways stands out as an economical host, offering competitive pricing and features at an attractive value compared to its counterparts. Cloudways provides free SSL certificate hosting as well as cost-effective add-ons such as WordPress staging and teams; both not included as part of its base price but providing great value to developers and site owners.

Cloudways was designed to be user-friendly, making it the ideal platform for businesses with limited technical resources. With its intuitive interface and free three-day trial without credit card requirements, the Cloudways platform makes setting up and managing websites a simple process.

At this company, in addition to offering an intuitive user experience, their support team is on call 24/7 for any issues or difficulties users might experience, from troubleshooting and server management, all the way through application migrations and more. In addition, their knowledge base is extensive yet user-friendly.

Cloudways stands out with its hourly billing model, enabling you to pay only for the time that the server is actually being used. This feature makes Cloudways ideal for short-term server usage or testing purposes as it enables users to avoid paying for unnecessary resources that may otherwise incur overage charges; Cloudways even offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all plans!

Cloudways plans tend to cost slightly more than their traditional hosting providers; however, they provide increased convenience and useful features compared to standard offerings from traditional hosting providers - for instance their basic plan includes Digital Ocean servers with at least 1 GB of memory; comparable Digital Ocean.

Plans provided by this company come with a complimentary domain name, and its services are offered globally. Their support team is highly responsive and their infrastructure designed to be resilient; additionally, there are various security features provided that help protect websites against malware attacks or hacking attempts.


Cloudways is an excellent solution for web developers and agencies who wish to manage multiple websites efficiently, providing a user-friendly interface, free migration assistance, flexible pricing plans and great uptime. In addition, its knowledge base and community forum offer excellent resources for learning more. However, there may be certain drawbacks: for instance while Cloudways does provide 24/7 support via chatbot before being connected with an agent directly; this can be frustrating if an urgent question needs immediate resolution.

Cloudways provides an impressive set of features and functionality, such as a customizable user dashboard, free SSL certificates, automated backups and two-factor authentication. Furthermore, you can easily add team members and assign specific privileges - for instance accessing Console/Billing or Support Area, restart services or scale servers etc - as well as customize plans quickly or change payment methods easily.

Cloudways differs from most hosting providers by using a custom-built user dashboard to assist in managing servers. The interface is clean and user-friendly; although, perhaps less intuitive than some platforms for beginners. There are two distinct sections - servers and applications - so that tasks such as cloning servers, creating staging environments or installing applications and websites can easily be completed.

Monitoring features on this platform provide an in-depth view of your site's performance, with alerts that notify of any issues or trends that arise. Furthermore, real-time snapshots provide insight into CPU, memory, disk usage as well as traffic data visualization through interactive charts.

Simply use its one-click installation feature to easily upscale or downscale your resources with just a few clicks, making this feature ideal for seasonal and marketing campaigns, where resources may quickly increase during peak hours before quickly decreasing again when off-peak times come around. This prevents your website from running slowly during busy periods as well as protecting data in case of disaster.


Security of your website is of utmost importance for both business and visitors, which is why Cloudways takes security very seriously by offering various tools and measures to keep it protected. These include using SSL to encrypt website data, monitoring server activity for problems and automatically applying fixes as well as offering a knowledge base with up-to-date tech tips and news.

Securing your website with an SSL certificate is an absolute necessity in today's competitive online environment, where customer trust is everything. Cloudways makes the process simpler by including Let's Encrypt SSL as part of its feature set that makes installing an HTTPS enabled website easy and professional-looking.

Cloudways' auto-healing feature quickly addresses problems before they cause disruptions to traffic, helping ensure your site stays online at all times. In addition, Cloudways optimizes server performance for increased speed when loading websites; additionally, this platform allows you to upscale or downscale resources easily so you don't end up paying more than necessary.

Another highlight of the platform is its security-oriented approach to cloud hosting. Automated patch management and security updates help minimize vulnerabilities and enhance server stability, while Fail2Ban's anti-brute force blocking IPs attempts at exploiting your site while Cronjobs automate checking for new logins ensuring your servers remain protected even when you can't manually update them yourself. This ensures your servers remain safe even when you can't update them manually yourself.

Cloudways offers round-the-clock support through their support team, who are available via email, callback requests or live chat on their website. Alternatively, visit their community forum and social media platforms to find answers to any queries that arise. Alongside standard support features like free domain name hosting, auto-healing capabilities and one-click backups; Cloudways also provides advanced features like root access and email hosting which could prove valuable for some customers.


Cloudways provides a full suite of support services for businesses of all kinds - 24/7 customer support, free SSL certificates, security features and staging environments, plus knowledge base and community forum support. Plus they have plans tailored to the specific needs of startups through to large enterprises!

Customers can easily manage their up and running servers through a user-friendly dashboard, allowing them to scale a server, make adjustments or change its settings with just a few clicks, run backups, restart services and optimize application features as needed. It also enables customers to add team members with individual permission levels - perfect for development teams where different roles must be fulfilled.

Cloudways also allows users to monitor the load on their server, which is especially helpful for preventing outages caused by traffic spikes. Customers can also keep an eye on how many emails come and go from their website - particularly helpful for e-commerce businesses as it allows them to anticipate traffic surges by temporarily upgrading plans as needed.

Cloudways stands out with its metered billing system. This enables users to pay only for what resources they use - an invaluable feature over traditional tiered web hosting that eliminates overage fees or unexpected spikes in traffic.

The company offers customer support through online chat, email and its FAQ help center - which has earned high praise in multiple reviews for being prompt and helpful service. Furthermore, their website includes a detailed knowledge base as well as tutorials covering various topics. However, note that response times of five minutes might be slower for some users.

Cloudways' support options are impressive but don't quite compare with those provided by some other web hosts. While it does not provide phone support or a dedicated Slack channel, it offers an outstanding knowledge base and community forum which are easy to navigate as well as tools which can assist in the construction of websites with one-click app installers and more.